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About us

Italian manufacturing is not a mere feature here at Calzificio Bagnato, but a complete philosophy. No sock leaves our factories without first being subjected to the tightest controls.

For over 25 years, we have been producing hosiery for men and women, with the passion of those who never make light of their work.

We have been chosen by more and more companies across the world as their hosiery producer. The reason is simple:

  • We always search out the best primary materials and yarns.
  • We pick the best qualified people who not only have excellent skills, but also a talent for spotting even the smallest of imperfections.
  • We use only the best machines because the manufacturing process must be not only fast, but guaranteed.

If you want to create a beautiful, high-quality collection of Italian-made socks, we are here for you.

We have been expanding our range of hosiery solutions to meet modern requirements since 1986. To meet the increasing demands of our clients for top quality design and manufacturing, we have a modern factory fitted with the latest generation of computer-controlled machinery.

Fast, safe, and operated by skilled hands, our sock-making machines let us respond rapidly to the demands of both national and international markets.

Even the packaging department is fully automated using electronic machines, guaranteeing high standards and compliance of the production.

Bagnato is not just a business. Bagnato is a reinforcement of quality in the world of men’s and women’s socks. When people speak of us, you know that the socks we can produce for you will be:

  • In the style you have chosen (trendy, classic, sporting…)
  • Durable, using selected yarns
  • Produced only using the best raw materials and with the latest generation of machines
  • Quality controlled at every stage of production.

Our policy has ensured that, over time, we have attained a great reputation in the high-quality classical sock sector. We did not enter the market at the top, but earned the trust and respect of our clients thanks to our high production standards for medium-high socks.

If you are looking for a sock manufacturer that has written its own chapter in the Italian hosiery industry, contact us to discover what we can produce for you.